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6 Things Younger Women Expect When Dating an Older Man

Meeting a younger woman you want to date is a big step towards creating a relationship you want. That’s one hurdle done, but now the time comes for your first date. When you’re taking a young woman out on that big first date, what should you do? Here are some tips on what a younger woman expects on the first date with an older man. the first date with an older man

1. Take Her Somewhere Classy

When a young woman dates someone her own age, it usually involves going to the movies, a nightclub, or a neighborhood hangout. When she dates an older man, she expects something different, and this is your chance to make a great impression on the first date. Take her somewhere classy, that younger guys would never choose. It could be an upscale restaurant, a gallery opening, or a charity event. Whatever you choose, give her a special experience that she’s not used to.

2. Act Confident

One of the things that younger women dating older men like is that mature men have more experience in life. They expect an older man to act and speak with confidence. After all, you are more experienced in many matters than she is, and that’s one of the reasons she wants to be with you. When you’re driving to the restaurant, tipping the valet, and ordering the wine with dinner, act confident.

3. Act Mature

Another reason that many young women prefer to go out with older men is that they act more mature than younger guys. Some young men are loud, brash, rude, and always act like they’re at a frat party. As an older man, a woman will expect more from you. No matter what happens, play it cool. Stay calm, keep your temper, and generally act like the mature man you are.

4. Be a Gentleman

Sometimes it seems that manners have disappeared in modern society. Many young men don’t know how to be polite and treat a woman well. For older men dating younger women, this is where you have an advantage. Act like a perfect gentleman on your first date. Open the car door for her, pull out her chair, and compliment what she’s wearing. Brush up on your manners, and you’ll make a good impression.

5. Show Her Respect

When you’re dating a younger woman, especially one who is very attractive, it is likely that she has been treated as an object by many of the men she encounters. When you take the time to listen to her and show her some respect, she will love the attention. Make her feel like you are interested in her as a person, not just a sex toy, and she appreciate you for it.

6. Pay the Bill

Many people assume that the only reason a younger woman wants to date an older man is because of money. Though this is a factor in some cases, it is certainly not the only reason. However, since you are older than her, and are likely to have a better financial situation, she does expect you to pick up the bill on that critical first date.

Why do Younger Women Like Older Men?

It is impossible to deny that younger women like older men much more attractive and interesting – one just has to look around to find almost every other couple defying the age difference and committing to long term relationships.

younger women like older men

Not to mention that these relationships last much longer as compared to the ones with men and women in the same age group. But what is it that works for these couples? Why is it that the age difference acts as a positive force and not a negative one when it comes to love between younger women and older men?

For starters, seeing an established, well settled man tells a woman all she needs to know about a man’s success and drive – two qualities that never fail to build an instant attraction.

Also, the experiences of the added years mean they do have a lot more answers than a boyfriend of the same age. To be able to talk to your partner not just as a lover but also as an adviser is an invaluable asset for a woman in a relationship.

Older men are also typically better behaved and handle situations much better, so that their lady never has to worry about getting into an unnecessary argument with strangers. Too many young women complain about childish behavior of their significant others of the same age, a problem which gets almost completely resolved when they choose to be with older men.

Also, given that older men are more secure both in their life and career; they are more willing to give their lovers all the freedom in the world. They do not start sulking just because their girl was talking to a guy at the bar. They have been there and know it is nothing to be jealous of. This makes women feel more confident of the relationship while also increasing their respect for a man who is understanding and not dominating.
Not to mention that older men are more willing to sit down to discuss situations rather than throw a tantrum and take a fight as an insult to their ego. A woman cannot explain in words just how relaxing it is for her to know she doesn’t have to massage her man’s ego every other day!

Older men are also thoughtful to a fault and take special care to make their lovers feel like a million dollars. Whether it is buying flowers to brighten up a dull day or cooking a special dinner or remembering all the important dates – they know how to make her happy – because they have been through their share of relationships to know what is important.
Older men are also a source of emotional stability and handle crisis situations very well. Also, more and more men are taking good care of themselves by eating healthy and staying fit through regular exercise as they grow older. They look great, have established careers and possess high intelligence and emotional quotient – what else could a woman ask for in the man of her dreams?

Why Older Men Like Younger Women

Older men Like younger women is  becoming a more popular phenomenon, especially in recent years. But why older men like younger women?

As the Roman’s say, a man can still have a child when there is snow on the roof, but a woman’s time is short. Older men seem to like younger women, and the truth is, it works the other way too. Older women hate it, but that’s just the way men are. older men like younger women

Here are a few people discuss older men like younger women.

Question 1 

i am 19 and dating a 30 year old, he keeps telling me how he loves younger girls. why is that a lot of guys like to date younger women as opposed to older women?


Random:  I think that there’s nothing wrong w/ the age gap, the question is is why he’s telling you that he likes younger women. He should like YOU as a person and not just your age or what you look like when you’re young. Best of luck. I don’t know you guys, but please respect yourself and make sure that he respects YOU and your personality and not your youth.

Javier : An older man with a good head on his shoulders will love and care for a younger woman. I Have always been attracted to older men myself, but they tend to lead me to trouble in the long run, so I remain single.

LBR : Actually I am an older woman that has dated younger men….I dont know what it is about them but I just like it. Im not into little boys (no offense to anyone), but I tend to swing toward the younger guy. So I think it’s a preference and is not always the norm. Ive had younger guys tell me that they like going out with older girls because they are more mature and have already been through alot in life; no hassles with them. Again, no offense to you or any other younger girls on here. What Im trying to say is, dating and love is subjective…to each his own. We are all individuals.

Question 2

Why do older men like younger women and want to marry them?


Michelle S:  Sometimes it just happens that way. My Husband is 22 years older than me, we have been together for almost 10yrs. now.  Now as for women only wanting older men for money…that is not always the case. Men seem to take longer to mature…I was tired of all the games & immaturity.

Cyclist 2300: because a younger woman….. still has that pretty smile… no wrinkles…. and things are not sagging….. everything is firm and perfect.  they don’t do it for love….. they want the trophy.

Jason B : You know, that’s a really good question, but I don’t think there’s one perfect answer for this one. I’m a guy and I try not fall into that “cliche” of only going after women younger than me. Some guys find it easier to date girls that are younger because, lets face it, a lot of girls like older men and its obvious to them. Some guys feel this need to be the one in control in a relationship and think that by being older they can recieve this power automatically. Others, probably those we would refer to as shallow, want a younger woman so that they can feel in control when they are younger and feel younger as they get older. So basically, its not a fact that most men go for younger women, but when they do, sometimes its legitimatally an honest attraction and other times its to take advantage of someone who seems more vulnerable.

Question 3

Isn’t having sex with someone you love or have spent years being intimate with more sexually fulfilling than someone who is twenty-one years of age? I mean a woman who is 40 as compared to a twenty-five year old is more equipped and willing to satisfy. I just don’t get how people no matter their age would rather be with someone else when they have it good at home. It’s like how older white men stare at younger women and flirt with them while their wife is present and feel no shame about it lol. Please be objective or subjective whatever tickles your fancy.


Sarah:  First of all, you have to understand the innate differences in the sexes. Men are hardwired chemically and hormonally as visual and visceral beings. They tend to “see” things and become excited by them…this is why men, traditionally, like pornography, having sex with the lights on, having their partner play “dress up” in lingerie, etc. This relates back to the hunting and gathering stage of evolution, when in order to survive, men had to be more “in the moment”, more aggressive, etc. Women, on the other hand, are more emotional beings. We tend to “feel” things more deeply than we see them. This is why women are all about the romance, the entire experience rather than just the in the moment experience.

With the above said, I don’t think that you can paint the entire male species with a broad brush and say that “all men” prefer younger women over their same aged partners, because this just isn’t true. Of course, an older man (being innately visual, as I stated above) really can’t help his hormonal, testosterone response to seeing an attractive woman–this is why they look and why they flirt–but not all men act upon these desires.

You are correct in saying that a 40 year old woman is actually more equipped to sexually satisfy a man. As we age, women change…we hit our sexual peak in our mid to late 30’s, while men hit their peaks at a much younger age. A 20 year old woman is likely not going to be as adventurous in bed as an older, confident and experienced woman. Unfortunately, men can sometimes be a little slow on the uptake in understanding this, so they fall prey to their visual stimulation issue and find themselves more attracted to the younger, tighter bodied women.

Again, not all men are as your described above. Most mature, intelligent and respectful men that have grown into their own emotional and sexual selves realize that the connection that they feel with theirr older partners is more important, and in the long run more satisfying, than giving intotheirr innate visual desires. I also know plenty of younger men who actually prefer older women who have taken care of themselves and their bodies, because they are more sexually adventurous.

Ameerah: My husband is younger than me…however…. If you keep yourself up and be just as fun and spontaneous , who cares if they look… whose arm is he on, and who does he go home with?  oh and Andy…. Im mid 40’s… and tightness has NOTHING to do with age~…. trust me.

Sapphire: Sorry but I am 38 and look much better, and and am in better shape than I was in my 20s. It IS possible. I have good genes and work out, so why shouldn’t it be possible?

I am dating a 25 year old now, who turned down a 21 year old – why? Aside from personality (she’s whiny, childish and plays games) she is overweight and promiscuous.. So I’d rather say SHE is the one who’s used up… Hmm?

Age means NOTHING. If you were talking about an 80 year old woman as opposed to a 19 year old, then, ok, but it’s ALL about lifestyle. Too many 20 year olds are worn down and used up these days cos they’ve been having sex and drinking/smoking since they were 13.


An older man likes a younger woman is flattery. As we get older, with each passing year, it gets harder and harder to attract younger and younger women. They just aren’t interested in us! Quit worrying, ladies!

As you can see, as you age, the younger and younger of a woman you can attract, the more flattering it is. What? I’m 54, and I can still attract a 16 year old? I can die happy now!

I was driving around town the other day and drove by the high school. What the Hell, this town is ugly as sin, and that’s about the only decent scenery in the place. As long as you’re discreet, Olive Avenue’s pretty much a scenic highway at midafternoon. There was a young 16-17 year old girl standing by the gate. I glanced over. She immediately snaked her body in slithering move that spelled sex sex sex sex while looking laser eyes right at me. Damn that felt good. I went home and felt great for the rest of the day.